I came to sculpture from a varied background which included service
                                                    in Vietnam, work on oil rigs in Indonesia, and a twenty-year business
                                                    career as co-owner of a Chicago advertising agency.

                                                    For more than two decades I have been associated with the
                                                    Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany in Highwood, Illinois, pursuing
                                                    my own art concepts and commissions while also serving
                                                    as co-sculptor on various studio projects.

                                                    Although a native of Phoenix, Arizona, I have always been an
                                                    internationalist at heart, earning a Bachelor's degree in Latin
                                                    American Studies, a Master's in International Management,
                                                    and visiting or living in more than fifty countries.

                                                    One benefit of wide travel is direct exposure to the world's
                                                    great art, and my influences range from Native American to
                                                    Japanese brush painting, from African primitive to Rodin.

                                                    I favor the traditional mediums of stone and metal,
                                                    though using them to express contemporary ideas.

                                                    In addition to my sculptures, I am also a writer of fiction,
                                                    nonfiction, and poetry. (See my Author's Page on Amazon.)

                                                    Selected Exhibitions
                                                    Morrison Gallery
                                                    Chicago, IL – 2007

                                                    Gallery Vital
                                                    Chicago, IL – 2005

                                                    Adieb Khadoure Fine Arts
                                                    Sante Fe, NM – 2004

                                                    University of Illinois at Chicago
                                                    Chicago, IL – 2003

                                                    National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
                                                    Chicago, IL – 2001

                                                    Shanghai Art Fair
                                                    Shanghai, China - 1998



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